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“The Return”

Today on Saturday, May 9, 2020

My photography life has finally returned. I had sat home like all of you during this pandemic. I wondered to myself. Will we return to what we love? Will we return to why we live? The answer today was a thunderous yes.

The perfect weather was the start to this day. Sunshine with a high in the 70s and no more West Texas winds. The model, Silvara Shea Lawson was early and had such amazing energy. It was like two months of self isolation and social distancing was gone for a bit. The lake was vibing and a beautiful location to use for Silvara’s swimsuit shoot. The shoot was so much fun and the eight Army helicopter flyover in the middle of the shoot was just epic.

Thank you so much to Silvara for the opportunity to work with her again. I am so very blessed to collaborate with her. Her future is very bright in modeling and singing.

It was a moment as a photographer, I will always remember. It was great to be creative and make art when we could definitely use it in our lives. If I have any advice or words of wisdom, I would simply say, “Keep chasing your dreams and what you love my friends. Don’t let the fear change your pursuit of happiness.”

We will return. When we do, it is time to get back to chasing those dreams and making them a reality. I started chasing my new photography dreams today. Your time will come.

Photos from the shoot coming soon to and

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