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34 Ways to Enrage a Photographer With One Sentence

34 Ways to Enrage a Photographer With One Sentence

The struggle is real for photographers to get the respect they deserve. With the incredible quality of today’s smartphone cameras, Instagram at everyone’s finger tips, and initiatives such as Snappr, less and less people still understand the true craftsmanship of real photography. A lot of photographers find ways to deal with undervaluation, but a single sentence can sometimes be enough to royally piss you off.

Redditor Kjoro took the issue to Reddit’s photography corner, asking what one sentence is everyone’s number one nerve-tickler. Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of response. So it inspired us to create this list comprised of feedback from our photo buddies and the Reddit submissions.

1. “Can I see the pictures on your camera’s display?”

2. “Your camera takes really nice pictures!”

3. “Can you just send me the RAW files (or ‘give me the SD card’)?”

4. “What filter did you use?” *after hours of careful post-processing*

5. “I can take a photo like that with my phone.”

6. “I’ve asked two other photographers for a quote too, so please be as price aggressive as you can.”

7. “We can compensate you with a spot on the guest list / with free food / …”

8. “We don’t have a budget, but it will be great exposure.”

9. “I could take great pictures too, if I had a camera like that!”

10. From assistant to photographer: “Check out my work!” *opens portfolio on set*

11. “I like it, but…” *anything that follows*

12. “Can you just take a photo with my phone real quick?”

13. “Oh, so your photos are edited?”

14. “You can Photoshop that, right?”

15. “Can you just bring your camera and take a few snaps?”

16. “Gear doesn’t matter.”

17. “I won a contest with the wedding picture you took of me!”

18. “Yes, I used your photos on my website. But don’t worry, I added filters.”

19. “How do I make my photos look like these?”

20. “Do you take passport photos too?”

21. “Try not to ruin their wedding.”

22. “Why do you charge so much, just to take pictures?”

23. “Real photographers don’t shoot with *insert any brand* of camera.”

24. “What do you mean, photography is hard? All you do is press a button!”

25. “Can you make it ‘pop’ a bit more?”

26. “Film is dead.”

27. “You should always use the rule of thirds!” *or any other technical prejudice*

28. “Can you make it look more Instagrammy?”

29. “So will you come to our event and bring your camera?”

30. “What do you mean you don’t care about exposure we have highly active followers?”

31. Friend who you haven’t talked to since High School: “What super nice camera do you suggest for $300?”

32. “Canon or Nikon?”

33. “What lens is that?” (Because none of it matters?)

34. “Can you fix it in post?” *to everything*

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