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Boudoir is something that has always both fascinated and terrified me. I love seeing images from a boudoir photo shoot, but the idea of being that exposed myself was so daunting.

One day I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw a beautiful, boudoir style photo. The comments were flooded with words of admiration, but also with words of self-doubt. So many women wrote things like, “I wish I could do something like this,” or ” I need to lose weight so I can get photos like these done.”

Guys, those comments made me so sad! I just wanted to scream “DO IT!” to all of those women. So when Ashley from Fearlessly You Boudoir mentioned that she was planning a late summer boudoir shoot, I was the first to sign up.

4 Reasons Why You Should Book A Boudoir Photo Shoot For Yourself

You Learn To Embrace Your Story

As women, we often have this image in our heads of what we would like to look like, and we feel the urge to “perfect” ourselves until we reach that goal. But our bodies tell a story of who we are. The stretch marks and loose skin on your belly. The laugh lines and color of your hair. Freckles, moles, weight, scars, tan lines, all of it makes up part of your story. Embrace that!

A picture is worth a thousand words and photography is a form of storytelling. It is your photographer’s job to make you comfortable and authentically capture you in a way that helps to tell your story. Ashley was incredible at this. She talked to me and asked me questions about my life, so she knew the story she was telling. She watched for facial cues and body language to gauge my comfort level and kept the environment laid back and stress-free.

Tell your story! Don’t wait until you lose those last few pounds. Don’t let “being too old” stop you from living out a dream. And definitely, don’t wait until you have someone to do it for. Do it for you! You are enough, always.

A Rebelious Act Of Self-Care

Women are beautiful, but we often don’t let ourselves feel that way. We deprive ourselves of self-care and self-love daily at an attempt to meet impossible standards. We put our families and careers before our own needs because we are nurturing creatures, but we need to remember to nurture ourselves as well. 

My boudoir photo shoot felt like a mini spa day. I was pampered with hair, makeup, and good conversation. I had the pleasure of chatting with two incredibly talented and inspiring women, and I got to play dress up and lounge around in a gorgeous house where the focus was on me and how I felt.

When I got home, it was like a reset button had been pushed in my brain. I felt light and energized and felt happy to be of service to my family instead of burdened. My shoot was a reminder that burnout is real and that you can’t pour from an empty cup. It showed me that if I feel good as a woman and a person, then I can be a better mother, daughter, and friend. These photos are a reminder to myself that I am worth my own attention.

So I urge you, rebel against your everyday routine. Make time for you and the things that will make you feel good. Don’t feel guilty about scheduling a boudoir shoot for yourself. When you take care of you, mind, body, and soul, the people in your life benefit as well. 

You Deserve That Feeling Of Pure Confidence

When I first walked up to the Airbnb location where my photos were being taken I was so nervous. My stomach was in a knot, my heart was beating rapidly, and my hands were shaking. Doing a boudoir shoot was a dream of mine, but it was also completely out of my comfort zone.

After I walked in, I was greeted by Ashley and Jacie, who did my makeup. We talked and drank tea as they did my hair and makeup, and as we chatted, I could feel my nerves begin to melt away.

There is a natural confidence that kicks in when you feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin. I left that house with an experience and feeling uplifted and inspired. I felt like I could conquer anything that came my way. You deserve to feel that way! 

It’s An Experience

I am a firm believer in living your life to the fullest. If you find yourself envious of another person’s life, take a step back and figure out what it is, precisely, that you are envious of. If you find yourself obsessing over HGTV, then design your dream home. If you have a Pinterest board filled with travel destinations, go to those places! And if you find yourself admiring women in boudoir photos, book the shoot! 

Your life is made up of the experiences you have. Don’t sit around waiting for life to happen to you. Make it happen. We all have excuses or “reasons” why we don’t follow through with our dreams, hell, I make excuses for myself daily, but those excuses aren’t going to matter when you look back on your life in the future. Don’t let “I wish I could” turn into “I wish I had.” 

Seriously, do it! 

When asked who I was doing this shoot for, my answer was “me.” Sure, it’s a fun gift, but do it for yourself first. Do it because you deserve all the love and empowerment that comes with it and do it as a reminder that you are strong, marvelous, and sexy.

Ashley did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable and making the experience fun. I left the shoot feeling beautiful, confident, and accomplished. Something that was so scary to me ended up being relaxing and inspiring, and I can’t wait to do another shoot in the future. 

You can check out Ashley on Instagram and Facebook, or at her website 
Makeup was done by Jacie Rhoten. You can find her on Instagram and Youtube.